What I Learned This Week

UX London 2017: On Service Design

In this year’s UX London I was able to participate in the Service Design themed day (Day 2). Here is What I Learned This Week.

Heather Martin: Personalisation, tomorrow

Heather‘s talk was an informative string of videos showing concept studies and products with a strong focus on personalisation.

Lauren Currie: Why it’s time for designers to share their power

This was the inspirational, D&I talk of the day – and it was spot on.

Lauren spoke about #Upfront, making the government accessible to people, educating people on sugar consumption and many other things.

Neil Colman: So you want to be a Service Designer

Neil’s talk was focus on the need to change your mindset when moving from UX to service design:
In order to embark on such a transformational journey, start to

Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden: Sense and Respond

This was certainly the talk I had most looked forward to. It was all about Jeff and Josh’s new book Sense & Respond. A visual summary by Dave Gray’s team can be found on this XPLANATiON.

The Sense & Respond Core Principles:

Nick Remis: Working with Service Blueprints

One of the elements that makes UX London an outstanding event is the special setup: There are talks in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon. This allows for insight as well as practice which makes for an excellent learning experience. I spent the afternoon with Nick doing service blueprinting.
The workshop followed Adaptive Path’s Guide to Service Blueprinting.

Some key messages:


This conference’s ROTI was another 5 (out of 5). The first part of the morning was rather dull. The second morning segment totally made up for that with Lauren’s motivational speech, Neil’s summary of service design’s core principles and the two headliners Jeff & Josh’s talk on their latest book. The service blueprinting workshop with Nick was of excellent value which nicely rounded up that day.
And of course it was great to bump into fellow Mozillian Robin.